I was cleaning out some old documents the other day, and I happened to stumble upon a story I wrote when I was 15 or 16.  It was quite possibly the greatest story I have ever read, and I’m not surprised that it was written by yours truly.

I decided to take a photo of each page to preserve the authenticity of this masterpiece.

The greatest story ever.

I would’ve written this in 2002, when I was in year 11.  Unfortunately, there are a few inside jokes, but they aren’t too obscure.  You can work it out pretty easily; if you’re one of the people who it’s about, all the better!

I remember that I wrote this during some class, and I showed this to the students, who promptly wet their pants and started worshipping me.  It was pleasing seeing them bow before my superior intellect and extremely good writing skills.


On an unrelated note, I’m being stalked by some sycophantic ham-slicer from the Internet.  At this very moment, they are filming me from the bushes outside my house.  So, if you’re reading this: stop stealing my wireless bandwidth, asshole.  But feel free to continue your acts of perversion should you feed me with hams.  I love hams!

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