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While I’d love to write about how awesome my adventures in the last three months have been, there is an unknown force inhibiting me from doing so.  This force is preventing me from converting sections of my personal life into component portions of lexica.  This will no doubt be something for me to consider in the future when I’m fighting off hordes of aliens to save my species.

Anyway, to prepare for the game design studies I’m about to undertake, I’ve been busying myself learning the Allegro C/C++ game library, amongst other things.  I’ll probably be distributing some projects from experimenting with it here in the future.  Maybe.  I figure they’d be pretty interesting to people who are interested in game design/programming.  Or, possibly, you’d just vomit since I haven’t written a good game since I was 13.

A significant, but minor project I’m considering is writing a short but sweet parody of Booshkies by Eric Drobile completely in Allegro.  If you don’t know what Booshkies is, which is very, very likely, then you should go wear a hat made from bacon.


Greatest 2-minute MZX game ever.