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Probably one of the dumbest people I know who can spell, Luxyy proves that even with two degrees you can still be a completely retarded douche.  The reason I don’t cut him off from communicating to me all together is because 1% of the time he’ll say something mildly amusing.  Now, you may think my standards are low, but I assure you, the reason for this is a more akin to having a monkey in a pink dress imprisoned in a cage so that you can make fun of its hygiene as it constantly shits all over itself.

It’s not that everything he says is wrong — no, it’s that he’s so idiotic and textbook in everything he believes; he can’t understand any concept that isn’t canon or verbatim.  It’s pathetic.  You know why?  Because a simple computer is smarter than him.


Luxyy is stupid.

Dave, a respected scholar, understands how stupid Luxyy is.


Sometimes, when explaining immense stupidity, simple words are insufficient.  This is one such case.  To attempt to put this monster of failed intellect into something other than text, here is a well-drawn, graphic representation of a typical conversation with Luxyy:

Luxyy is very stupid.


Luxyy, here’s a suggestion: next time you flap your giant, fat-encrusted mouth and fail to argue any conceivable point, try to remove your face from the endless depths of your corpulent ass.  That is, if it isn’t permanently stuck there, thanks to you being completely oblivious of an invention known as a ’shaving razor’.