I’ve been around for a while.  I’ve read and written a lot since the very early ages of the Internet; played and succeeded in many games and their communities, and even had a small influence in shaping modern day ‘Internet’ sub-culture, if you want to give it that unimaginative title.  I’ve probably done a lot of crap you really shouldn’t care about.  The promotion of anonymity over disclosure allows people to have some imagination and wit — just take a brief look at Sixsixfive or (pre-sellout) Maddox.  The proof is right there.

My decision for finally publishing something is perhaps one a little more closely related to boredom and the will to organise my output more than anything else.  The years of reading about other people and having such vast content without ever properly distributing it may have finally gotten to me.  This will develop and become more clear as time goes by.

Don’t take my writing too seriously — a lot of it is *gasp* satire.  Use the meat in your head, please.


All articles are divided into three sections…

Personal articles, which are general articles about sentient turnips and how they’ll take over the world.
Media articles are usually linking or embedding (external) content of worth, but not always explicitly.
Cattle relates to something, usually academic, that you’d probably only be interested in if you have a vapid fantasy about Vortigaunts from Xorbilixi Prime.  Regardless, you might learn something from these.  Or maybe you won’t because you’re stupid.

You can view the archives of some of my older and obsolete stuff.

Feel free to email me at (xarcos[at]gmail[dot]com) if you wish to hurl abuse at me about your love for psychedelic banana-eating camels.